“Dr. Strohmeyer has my complete confidence. I trust her and I trust her staff to help me maintain and protect my skin.”

“I didn’t realize how much my skin had been damaged. Fortunately, it wasn’t too late. I’ve now been a patient for 12 years.”

“I’ve tried other dermatologists. Dr. Strohmeyer has made a big difference in how my skin looks.  Thank-you!”

“I am so happy to have found a program that works for me. I’m always on the go and I now have a simple plan that lets me be active outdoors and worry less about my skin care.”

“My husband and I travel frequently and I find it extremely helpful to have my skin care products streamlined and all specific to my skin. What a difference!”

“I trust Dr. Strohmeyer and I love the way my skin appearance has improved.”

You are the priority!

There are so many skin types and each are genetically pre-dispositioned to dryness or oiliness, pore sizes, degrees of melanin containing cells which provide some but, by no means complete protection from ultra-violet rays. Then, there’s the influence of hormones! At Dermatology Specialists of Naples we have decades of experience evaluating and customizing specific therapies and treatments for your skin type. It’s absolutely crucial to your health and well-being to have a thorough exam regularly because of the sometimes lethal forms of skin cancers like melanoma. We’re very proud of the percentage of our practice that’s comprised of long term patients. We invite you to become part of this family and schedule a consultation today.