Novi Skin Serum

Exclusive to Dr. Cynthia Strohmeyer’s office

Dr. Strohmeyer and her staff have been working on a way to concentrate your own body’s growth factors into an easy-to-apply serum that can be used at home. This is a super concentrated growth factor (GF) product derived from the platelets in your own blood and is made in-house by our own technicians. A small blood draw is required to make a two-month supply for in-home use.  This product will replace your other daily growth factor serums like TNS and Regenica.

NOVI SKIN benefits:

  • a personalized and proprietary blend containing your own growth factors
  • reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • improvement in skin texture, elasticity, and smoothness
  • no micro needling required

Please phone our office for more information on this exciting new skin care technology available only to Dr. Strohmeyer’s patients.