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Nutritional supplementation, in addition to a healthy diet and exercise, is now  widely recommended by mainstream, alternative and integrative physicians around the globe. The office of Cynthia Strohmeyer, MD recognizes the complexity of seeking out the highest quality and best formulations for general health & skin. We are proud to offer you our expertise through years researching three specific formulas. Our products are sold only to health care professionals and come from a facility with the highest manufacturing practices and certifications available.


Modern food Production:

• Processing depletes much of the important nutrientcontent of many foods.

• Factory farming has decreased soils of minerals andtrace elements essential to good health.

• Storage prior to a foodstuff reaching market canfurther reduce essential nutrients from many foods.

• Packaged foods are often very high in sodium, sugarand many preservatives that can contribute to thedevelopment of health problems such as cancers.

• Cooking can further degrade these already deficientfoods.


Our modern lifestyle is also increasing ournutritional needs because of:

• Environmental toxins in the air, water and soil.

• Stresses at work, during the commute and at home.

• Our increasing longevity-as we age our bodies’requirements change.

• Eating habits such as consuming fast foods, high sugar and high fat foods.

• Smoking and drinking.

                                                                             Product Information

Ultimate Hair, Nails & Skin Formula

• Men & Women of all ages can benefit from additional supplemental support specifically formulated for vibrant and healthy Hair, Nails & Skin whether or not they choose to take an overall health formula as above.

• This formula supplies high dose biotin, vitamin C, zinc, and a patented solubilized keratin clinically shown to support the strength, brightness and appearance of healthy hair, nails and skin.

• Borage Seed Oil is an important gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) found to support thinning hair as well as healthy nails & skin.


Vitamin B Derivative, Niacinamide, is an inexpensive product that has clinically been shown to significantly reduce the risk of developing further skin cancers in patients who have already been diagnosed with non-melanoma skin cancer. This product, Niacinamide, taken orally 500mg twice daily, together with sensible skin protection, has clinically proven to reduce the repeat of diagnosis of the most common skin cancers. This is ideal for high risk patients (who have had multiple previous skin cancers) and not recommended for the general population. 100 capsule bottle.

Key Product Benefits

• Convenient, easy-to-use daily packets to help improve patient compliance.

• Eliminates the hassle and confusion of daily supplementation.

• Allows for optimal absorption and utilization for improved efficacy.  In light of these and other stresses, supplementation is increasingly seen as a necessary component of a healthy diet.

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